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Exhibition Design and Art

Cem Yücetas captures the moment by never limiting himself to only the documentary side of his art. He always constructs compositions of profound beauty through elaborate stagings, which show us their own unique reality. The coincidence of the moment remains excluded. Not the slightest detail is unplanned in his digitally mounted pictorial worlds.

Cem Yücetas


In 2014, Cem Yücetas presented his latest photographic work, which portrays common ideas of social conventions and everyday actions. In these exceptionally elaborate 9 simulations of potential realities, he designs a panopticon of social manners and behaviors that are imaginative and ultimately authentic. He gradually conveys the absurdity of the actions embedded in settings of flawless perfection. In combination with the self-evident nature with which the staged persons appear, it is the familiarity and carelessly suggested charisma of the setting that distracts from the unusual to the disturbing. Completely foreign patterns of action thus initially appear as authentic forms of behavior. At a second glance, the aesthetics of the beautiful presentation convey the protagonists, each trapped in their own reality, acting completely past each other. What still seems unthinkable today could have already established itself as a common fashion trend tomorrow.