Audi Inkognito

Audi GmbH
Exhibition Design and Art

Painting, sculpture, photography, but also cinema and theater have a very similar goal: they are performing arts that create a snapshot of events. These nine works by Cem Yücetas from the Incognito series are representations of events in which the before and after remain invisible. Expressions for the reference to a cinematic narrative are the structured in the scenarios, the movements of the characters, and run parallel to the story, each of which evokes varied moods.

Cem Yücetas


This work refers to a core moment in the photographic oeuvre of Cem Yücetas. His photographs always oscillate between the borders of document and illusion, authenticity and imagination. These artistic productions about beauty, the mystery in everyday life and chance are thought out down to the most minute detail. He lends his works a painting like presence and poetry, to which he introduces a certain form of mannerism into photography. He uses this method to the point of playing with historical art content and motifs.