Portrait photography is one of the first disciplines in photography that sold itself to the masses. And for us, too, portraits were some of our first jobs which earned us money. Create authentic portraits for magazines, books or of employees. Say something about the person depicted. Be honest with outsiders, but also respectful. Try not to overstate or understate.

The German star chef was born on December 10, 1968 in Waiblingen, Baden-Würtenberg. After training at the Gasthof Lamm (Strümpfelbach) and two other stations, he became a sous chef for the French horn in Ravensburg in 1990, then chef at the Parsley restaurant in Lüdenscheid in 1993 (he was awarded the Michelin star). From 1997, he worked as a chef in the restaurant Fährhaus Munkmarsch in Sylt (a Michelin star). The Careme restaurant at the Schlosshotel Weyberhöfe in Sailauf near Aschaffenburg (two Michelin stars) was his last stop. He opened his first restaurant, Amador, in February 2004 in Langen near Frankfurt am Main (it has already been awarded three Michelin stars).

Elisabeth Charlotte “Pipilotti” Rist is an artist born in Switzerland (Grabs, heimatberechtigt in Altstätten) (June 21, 1962). Besides video installations and experimental films, she also works on environment, objects, computer art and digital photo montages.
The Czech sculptor and photographer, Jetelova, who lives and works in Germany, was born on June 04, 1946 in Semily, the Czech Republic. Jetelova became famous for her large wooden sculptures of tables, chairs or stairs, which she made from oak logs.