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Profine, the world’s largest window profile manufacturer with its subsidiary brands Kömmerling, Torcal and KBE, has been one of our customers for years. We have supported them in creating films, photographs and strategies. With our pictures and video clips, we have given these brands a fresh image and, as a result, we have continuously reaffirmed ourselves on the market as a successful and modern company.

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Profine Frontale Window Construction

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Profine is your active partner in the window profile business. With deliveries to 70 countries, as well as locations and plants all over the world, Profine has only one goal: to make the best windows in the world. As a place of origin, Germany is, of course, the focus. In order to assert and prove itself here as well, Profine offers its customers an impressive information stand every year at Frontale, the world’s leading trade fair for windows, doors and facades. We captured the hustle and bustle in an accompanying video over three days.

Profine International Profile Group is a company based in Germany. It is an owner based company, that holds strong on values of responsibility towards the environment, and building strong relationships with its clients. With the brands KBE, KÖMMERLING and TROCAL, they produce recyclable PVC winds and window profiles, residential doors, shutter systems and PVC sheets. The company is a leading provider, supplying products to over 100 countries. Through the development and the continuous innovation of sustainable products, Profine is helping the world build a cleaner and brighter future for the environment and future generations.

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PVC Window Frames

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100 % recycled material PVC window frames by Kommerling with the Profine Group. Profine strives for sustainability in creating a greener tomorrow. These windows have a 50 year lifespan and are 100% recyclable.