Quattro Cup,
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Audi Stuttgart GmbH, 
Audi Frankfurt GmbH
Video production,
Picture Documentation, 
Same Day delivery

A Same Day

These golf clips were shot and released on the same day.
We filmed in the morning until the afternoon,
while behind the scenes, our editor was already
working on the postproduction. We presented the
clips to the guests at the end of the evening to highlight the day’s golfing event.
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The Audi Quattro Cup
Tournament Frankfurt

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The Audi Quattro Cup
Tournament Stuttgart

golf tournament

The Audi Quattro Cup is the largest amateur golf tournament series in the world. This tournament, which takes place annually in 38 countries with 600 tournaments and over 70,000 participants, makes this tournament series something very special. Audi hosted the first quattro Cup 30 years ago and since then the event has enjoyed growing popularity worldwide. Audi’s enthusiasm for golf has skyrocketed its popularity! It thrilled us to be a part of it.

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We Share
Audis Passion

We shot, edited, and put up the video all on the same day! Talk about being as enthusiastic about making this video as Audi is for promoting golf. We showed up on location at the Royal Homburger Golf Club with our entire production team and made this possible. This wasn’t a first for us either. Over the years, we have shown up to many high profile sporting events and done similar work. Our experience and dedication to video production has made same day completion of projects a breeze.

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