Quattro Cup,
Für Golfliebhaber.

Audi Stuttgart GmbH, 
Audi Frankfurt GmbH
Video production,
Picture Documentation, 
Same Day delivery

Eine Same Day

Die Golffilme sind an einem Tag entstanden.
Wir haben morgens bis zum Nachmittag gefilmt und
fotografiert. Im Hintergrund hat ein Editor schon angefangen zu
schneiden und eine Filmpresentation, die das Highlight des
Abends ist, vorbereiten.
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The Audi Quattro Cup
Tournament Frankfurt

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The Audi Quattro Cup
Tournament Stuttgart

Jährlich wiederkehrende

The Audi Quattro Cup is the largest amateur golf tournament series in the world. Held annually in 38 countries, with 600 tournaments and over 70, 000 participants every year, makes this tournament series extraordinarily special. 30 years ago Audi held its first quattro Cup, and the event has been growing in popularity around the globe ever since. Audi’s enthusiasm for the sport of Golf has brought its popularity sky high! It thrilled us to be a part of it.

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We Share
Audis Passion

We shot, edited, and put up the video all on the same day! Talk about being as enthusiastic about making this video as Audi is for promoting golf. We showed up on location at the Royal Homburger Golf Club with our entire production team and made this possible. This wasn’t a first for us either. Over the years, we have shown up to many high profile sporting events and done similar work. Our experience and dedication to video production has made same day completion of projects a breeze.

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