Tenerife: The Game Travel


Tenerife is a one-of-a-kind tropical island paradise. Sun, sea, and fun await every tourist there. But during the pandemic tourism plummeted, and people lost the motivation to travel. For us, the task was two-fold; we had to figure out how to shoot the models while the world was in a state of lockdown, under the new normal conditions and how to inspire people to travel. We put our innovation and creativity to work and came with with a unique way to shoot a commercial without losing quality of content. And that’s how Tenerife the Game was born! We filmed each model from their home, where we traveled to on separate days. The concept of the commercial was that the models would play a game talking to each other online, and going into their dream world, showing activities they can do in Tenerife. The spot was very successful. Having the chance to push our creativity is always exciting! Target demographic – young professionals in the German market

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