Vanilla bear films - woman filming group counseling session

12 Types of corporate videos


Vanilla bear films - woman filming group counseling session

12 Types of corporate videos

Increase your brand awareness through video on the web
Video traffic is quickly becoming the dominant medium on the internet, and by the time you read this, it might already be. Therefore, having corporate videos is essential for the success of your brand. The benefits are enormous. Aside from the already mentioned raising of brand awareness, these videos, in various unique ways, give you the chance to tell the story of your brand. They increase your traffic to your website and are an essential part of the overall marketing strategy of all successful businesses. I know that there are many types to choose from and this can get exhaustive. So I’ve made a list of 12 essential corporate video types to help you choose exactly which ones are the right fit for your brand.

1. Brand story videos - the tale behind your brand

Das Brand Story Video zeigt die Geschichte hinter Ihrer Marke. Dieser Videotyp bietet eine erstaunliche Chance, mit Ihrem Publikum in Kontakt zu treten. Erzählen Sie ihnen, wie alles begann und welche Ideen Sie zum Aufbau Ihres Unternehmens inspiriert haben. Markenvideos sollten die Kernwerte und motivierenden Prinzipien zeigen. In diesen Videos geht es nicht um das Produkt, sondern darum, was Sie menschlich macht und wie sehr Sie sich interessieren.Für wen empfohlen? Jedermann. Einfach gesagt, jede Marke sollte ihre Geschichte erzählen und dieser Videotyp ist der Ausgangspunkt, ein Muss für jeden.

2. Company culture video - a real life perspective

Company culture videos give your clients a behind-the-scenes view of everyday life things that go on in your company. This is another opportunity to engage with your audience by showing them your human, real life side. Why use this video? This video type is a brilliant marketing strategy. It attracts people emotionally to your brand by showing a behind the curtain view, with trials, tribulations, and events that occur in the lives of your employees.

3. Erklärvideo – Kundenprobleme lösen

Have you noticed all those “how to” videos all over the internet? These videos solve client problems. And for the services that you offer, or features that you want to highlight, an explainer video is the right way to go. These videos offer an engaging, even emotional and engaging explanation, of how to use parts of your services. Also, you can use these as ways to highlight your products. When to use this video type? Use these videos if your business involves parts or steps that users/clients need to work out on their own. Also, consider using when you have changed your product or released a new one. This video type will solve your client’s problems and resolve their confusions.

4. Interviews - the human side of your brand

Interviews are another great way to show off the unique characteristics inherent in your company’s staff and your brand. This sort of video invites viewers right into your office for a behind-the-curtain view. Interviews can feature conversations with the founders to job interviews. The intimate atmosphere of the process shows viewers a closeup view of your brand, enhancing emotional appeal and building stronger ties. Why use this video? Interviews are another wonderful way to market your brand through a realistic approach. Use this to connect an even deeper emotional level with your clients.

5. Testimonials - demonstrate client satisfaction

Client testimonials are videos that show how satisfied customers are with your products, features, updates, and services. Real life people talk about their user or customer experience journey using your product and services. This could be sheer satisfaction about how impressed they are and how your company solved a problem of their. The authenticity of the video builds trust towards your brand in potential customers. Why use this video? These videos should be a part of your brand’s overall marketing strategy, as it not only builds trust but also advertises your brand. Client testimonials also highlight important services that your brand offers.

6. Case study video - a story driven testimonial

The case study is a testimonial that goes much deeper into the story. These video types can tell a pauper to prince story or can detail your struggle for success. Here the story element is what we want to emphasise, and the video works like a commercial wrapped up inside a real life struggle. You can also show how your product helped real life people, how it solved the problems of your customers. Why use this video? You use case studies when you don’t want to have just another advertisement. If you already have traditional forms of advertisements released, this kind of video is the perfect thing to mix things up.

7. Event videos - an unscripted behind-the-scenes view of the people that make up your company

Not everything in your company happens at work. Event videos feature an unscripted look at company life during celebrations, trade shows, parties, and even team building events. You can even consider the company trip being made into a video. This video type highlights the best parts of the event. When choosing this type of video, you build more trust with your clients. What makes event videos special? While other behind-the-scenes videos focus on the work environment, the event video gives you a chance to show what you are like outside of the confines of work, building trust with customers on an even more personal level.

8. Live webcasts - a low-cost effective way to interact with your clients

A live webcast is a chance to reach out to your clients, and it costs very little to produce. It is unscripted, realistic, low cost, and does wonders by showing how much you care. Because of the low cost, you can schedule to make these videos, monthly, annually, quarterly and so on. Your clients will always stay informed and the content can will always be there to answer client questions like a video F.A.Q. Why make this video type? With the expanding presence of video on the internet, practically every company should film these kinds of videos to get closer to their clientele, show them they care, and solve problems they are experiencing. Plus, the low cost with the almost non-existent post production makes live webcasts a must for every company during the internet age.

9. Product demonstration video - an in-depth explainer video

Product or feature demonstration videos are the more technical version of the explainer video. You again explain parts about your product, but this time in a more focused manner. Some ideas of what you can show are updates, new products, how to use a particular feature. This again advertises a product, but it is not a sales pitch. Ultimately, it will help the customer decide whether to buy your products by answering their questions. So be sure to highlight what you believe will sell your service or product. When to use product and feature demonstrations? Use these to highlight exactly what you believe will bring in the sales. By giving an in-depth technical look at your top feature and services, the more scrutinizing customers will make that decision to buy with your help in this video.

10. Social media videos - a must for every contemporary company

Social media revolutionized marketing forever. Now it’s safe to say that you can’t do a business without having content on social media advertising your brand. If not 100% now, it will certainly be so in the future. The content that you create for social media will vary depending on the platform, since you have to adhere to the rules of the network. One low-cost idea is creating teasers from longer videos that preview your product. You can also film something exclusive for your favourite platforms. The options are limitless. Why and when to use social media videos? The possibilities are limitless, and you should advertise as often as you can in all the various ways available to you on the major social media platforms.

11. Product launch video - show off your new products

Using methods such as promos, teasers, explanations, expositions and anything unique you can think of, the product launch is a staple in corporate videos. The product launch video is an important part of traditional advertising and social media as well. So make these videos to inform your people of everything ready to be released from your brand. Who should use product launch videos? Everyone who wants to keep their customers informed and wants to bring in new ones.

12. Presentation video - speaker engaging with your audience

One of the best ways to reach out to your audience is by giving a live presentation and capturing it on film. The speakers engage with your audience and the live questions and reaction solidify trust in your brand. It’s best not to limit this to a power point presentation. Try making this into a live-discussion and presentation that will give you a chance to show the values, principles, ideas, and core beliefs of your company. Also, this method instills confidence in your brand, as it shows that you are not afraid to take questions and answer them. Recommended for who? Any company that can get a live audience and wants to strengthen the trust foundations of an already well-established client base.


There you have it a list of some of the most popular corporate video types. Remember, these are just some. Believe me, there are plenty more types of brand videos. Vlog, webinars, company safety videos, are just some others that deserve a mention. I hope that this list will help you find the right kinds of videos that will raise your brand awareness, reach out to your customer base, and help your business thrive.

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