Christina Wocintech - two women talking at table

How to conduct good interviews for your corporate videos?


Christina Wocintech - two women talking at table

How to conduct good interviews for your corporate videos?

How to do interviews for corporate video

The secret to conducting good interviews is the naturalness and authenticity of the mood and in the questions posed by the interviewer. Well-prepared questions will lead to excellent interviews. Some people have a natural charisma on camera, so they need little scripting. But most will need rehearsals. Our philosophy is that the more realistic, the better the video. Read on for tips and tricks for conducting the best interviews possible for your corporate video. Interviews can be a field in their own right, so here are some points to consider for great interviews. Following these suggestions, where possible, will enhance the quality of your corporate video.

A setting or atmosphere that provides all necessities

A comfortable environment is essential for your models. This is especially important for non-actors and people in your video that are not naturally charismatic in front of a camera. While professional actors can work under a variety of conditions, the ones just starting out, as well as company staff, will need to feel as comfortable as they can get in order to achieve an excellent take. Do try to accommodate all their needs. And don’t ignore the hired talent’s need. They may be more versatile, but they will also perform better when properly accommodated. Elements that make the setting more comfortable for your staff and actors include:

  • Food and drink availability on set
  • Food and drink availability on set
  • Comfortable seating

Teleprompters and cues to help remind the actors

Another way to have your actors better prepared is by offering them teleprompters or cue cards while speaking. They may remember their lines, but having a visual aid can always be more reassuring. Be careful not to have them overuse the cues, you want them to be reminded only. Reminders help grow confidence and the person in front of the camera looks and feels more natural. While overusing cues and teleprompters, will make the actors too reliable on them, and lessen the overall quality of the video. Remember, we want things to look as natural as possible, as if there is no camera or cues there at all.

Hints and keywords in questions as reminder cues

Another trick is using hints and keywords in the interviewer’s questions. These are words or phrases within the questions that will remind the interviewee of an answer that they should give. They can also be entire questions or phrases that will serve as a reminder. Remember to go over them before shooting. Keywords and tips are an alternative to teleprompters and they are a more natural way of giving a reminder.

The right questions and answers

The questions and the answers should work together to drive the narrative of the message that you want to convey through your clip. Together, they will reveal the story and character of your brand, creating an emotional connection with your client. Ask questions that will lead to answers that display the human side of your company. For us, a wonderful story is an authentic story. The less that the narrative deviates from the truth, the better it will be, as your actors won’t be acting, but will be just themselves.

Questions to consider asking

  1. How does your vision blend with this company?
  2. Describe a typical workday at…
  3. What brings you satisfaction at the end of the workday?
  4. What makes your company stand out from the competition?
  5. How has your work changed the life of your clients?

Tips on interview questions

The questions that you ask should be enjoyable for the interviewee. People like to talk about their accomplishments, and you want them to express their pride and most positive emotions. This way, they bring out their best characteristics and their natural charm radiates through. Follow this method and you won’t need to hire professional actors! Consider the yes and no questions. Use open-ended questions instead. Some examples of these questions are, tell me about or how questions. Open-ended questions allow for smooth conversation while making the story more interesting. You want your interviewee to keep on talking, therefore it’s necessary that you engage with them. These kinds of questions allow for more engagement between interviewee and interviewer and also bring out a charming natural spontaneity to the film.

Summary of techniques for a successful corporate video

  • A comfortable atmosphere for your actors/employees with readily available food and drinks, heating and air conditioning, as well as comfortable seating
  • Teleprompters and cue cards for line reminders
  • Hints and keywords in questions that help remind the person in front of the camera of certain lines
  • The dress code should suit the style of the company or the mood you want your video to present
  • The right kinds of questions and answers. Open-ended questions that allow for a natural conversation flow
  • Ask questions that spark feelings of pride and accomplishment
  • Avoid yes and no types of questions
  • Use tell me about, how, and such open-ended style questions


There you have it! These are just some tips that will help you conduct an awesome interview. Follow these guidelines where you can and your video will come out as unique as your company. Remember to keep it natural and flowing, as if there is no camera or teleprompter present.

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